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200 Series - Model is designed for low volume trim applications,
up to 1200 pounds per hour of light basis weight paper, film, and
foils. Bale weight will range from 250-600 pounds depending upon

300 series - Model is designed for variety of applications,
including corrugated and paper trim waste. Capacity requirement of
3 to 10 mill size bales per day is common. The 300 Series can be
equipped with a 48" long feedchute for empty corrugated box
waste from a manufacturing plant or small distribution center. Bale
weight will range from 700 to 1500 pounds.

400 series - Model is designed for "hard to bale" materials like
folding carton, chipboard, boxboard, and a variety of coated
stocks.  The extrusion chamber is built with heavy duty H-Beams
to provide the greatest bale density possible. Bale weights will
range from 700 to 1500 pounds.

800 series - Model is designed for "tough" materials like
envelope skeletal waste, small paper slabs, and heavy fiberboard.
The 800 Series is equipped with (2) hydraulic cylinders to provide
extra baling thrust for maximum bale density.

1800 series - Model is designed for baling whole or flattened
aluminum cans and PET beverage containers. The 1800 Series
features exteended chamber penetration to maximize bale density
with "slippery" and "hard to bale" materials.
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