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Hinge Steel Belt Conveyors:
Hinged Steelbelt Conveyors are medium to heavy-duty applications such as pre-crusher
or compactor feeds, paper, solid waste, large scrap baler feeds, mixed waste lines and white goods. Each
joint has a tapered roller and chain that rides on a track driven by 5 to 25 HP motors.

Inclines - 30° & 35°
Cleats - Variable
Configuration - A, B, C, D
Nose Overs - Horizontal or 10° / 15° Down
Applications - Above & Below Grade

Apron & N-Pan Belt Conveyors:
Apron & N-Pan Belt Conveyors are for the most demanding, high impact heavy-duty operations such as
transfer stations, scrap, MSW and C&D lines, mixed waste lines and abrasive materials (20 to 50
tons/hour). Features include: Apron Pan or N-Pan, 6” and 9” pitch, 7.5 to 25 HP motors, tapered roller
bearings, pit covers and variable speed controls.

Inclines - 30° & 35°
Configuration - A, B, C, D
Nose Overs - 10° / 15°
Applications - Above & Below Grade

Trough Conveyors:
Trough Conveyors are designed to convey material at a higher speed. The rubber belt rides on angled
rollers or idlers that form a trough. They can be used for light to medium duty baler, compactor and
shredder feed systems.

Belt Weights (lbs) - 220, 330
Belt Widths (inches) - 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, & 60"
Troughs - 20° & 30°
Configuration - A, B
Speed - Variable

MRF Sorting Line Conveyor Systems:
Sorting Lines
Feed Conveyors
Custom Engineering

Screens, Eddie Currents and Magnetic Separators
Baling Technologies, Inc. is a full servicing dealer for Marathon
.  Marathon offers custom engineered conveying systems
to handle a wide variety of bulky materials and scrap handling
applications. These range from light duty Slider Beds to heavy-duty
Steel Belt conveyors for many applications including baler feed, and
material handling.  Together, we are your single source for Sliderbed
Conveyors, Hinged Steel Belt, Combination Belt, Apron & N-Pan and
Trough conveyors available in a variety of configurations. Marathon
also offers complete MRF Systems including
conveyors, balers,
platforms, sorting lines, bins, etc.
The Best Equipment, the Best Service, the Best Solutions!
Combination Belt Conveyors:
Combination Belt Conveyors are heavy-duty conveyors that feature a
chain drive system incorporated with a rubber belt for medium to high
volume applications ranging from 5 to 30 tons/hour.

Inclines - 30° & 35°
Cleats - Variable
Configuration - A, B, C, D
Nose Overs - Horizontal or 10° / 15° Down
Applications - Above & Below Grade
Slider Bed Conveyors:
Sliderbed Conveyors are friction driven conveyors with a belt supporting
bed for low to medium volume bulk material handling applications (2 to
15 tons/hour). These conveyors can be used for baler and compactor
feeds, sorting lines, and components of a MRF system.

Belt Weights (lbs) - 160, 220, 330
Belt Widths (inches) - 24 - 72"
Inclines - up to 35°
Cleats - Variable
Configuration - A, B
Applications - Above & Below Grade
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