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The folding carton industry has been a major reason for our success over
the past two decades.  With many installations in pharmaceutical and
food packaging applications, we understand the unique requirements of
this market.

With the heavy, often coated nature of products such as
SBS board,
desired bale density is achieved not only through higher main pressure,
but also through consistent side density friction.  The Balemaster auto-tie
baler accomplishes these two things together in a way that no other baler
on the market does.  The results are tighter, heavier bales that hold
together through numerous forklift handlings.  

Baling Technologies offers the following equipment to serve the various
needs of the Folding Carton industry:

  • Balemaster "E" Series Auto-Tie Balers with advanced side
    density system for processing "slick" coated materials.  Side
    density circuitry works in tandem with main cylinder to provide
    consistent holding pressure, allowing main cylinder to achieve
    optimum thrust.

  • Balemaster "PT" Series High Volume "Piggy Back" Shredders
    for processing up to 20 tons per hour of folding carton waste.  
    Integrated with Balemaster metering conveyor for efficient
    processing and "dump and run" capability.

  • Balemaster "HD" Series Full Penetration Manual-Tie Balers for
    efficient processing of hard-to-bale waste such as SBS board
    without the need for shredding
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