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The Balemaster "Piggyback" Mounted Top Feed High Volume
Shredder has been specially designed for mounting directly above
the charging chamber of a large Balemaster "EO" Series Baler. The
Shredder's single heavy duty "Drum-style" arbor is made from 1"
thick steel. This High Production unit is capable of processing up to
20 tons per hour of all forms of Printer's waste- including, torpedoes,
signatures, sections, roll peel, telephone books, and cores.

Features & Advantages

  • Balemaster High Volume Shredder features a heavy-duty
    "Drum style" arbor with integrated hard tipped steel blades,
    44" from tip to tip.

  • Shredder is integrated with the Balemaster Baler's Touch-
    Screen and PLC Controls to provide a complete shredding/
    baling system. Balemaster's steel belted 60" wide metering
    conveyor is normally supplied to complete this unique waste

  • Balemaster Shredder is equipped as standard with a "Current
    Overload Meter" which provides automatic stopping and
    restarting of the conveyor feed belt when the overload setting
    is exceeded.

  • Units are available in 70" feed widths and can be equipped
    with up to 300 horsepower to process up to 20 tons of hour of
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