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The variety of paper stocks and the various
forms of waste make printing applications
among the most challenging.  Take advantage
of our extensive field experience in this industry.  Whether you're
signatures, torpedoes, roll wraps, books, trim, or sheet
, Baling Technologies has the equipment to improve the efficiency
and profitability of your paper recovery operations.

We offer the following equipment to serve the various needs of the
Printing market:

  • Balemaster "E" Series Auto-Tie Balers with Advanced Dust
    Control features including new "Air Blaster" Accessory that
    automatically cleans behind the baling ram, reducing
    maintenance costs.

  • Balemaster "PT" Series High Volume "Piggy Back" Shredders
    for processing up to 20 tons per hour of printer's waste.  
    Integrated with Balemaster metering conveyor for efficient
    processing and "dump and run" capability.

  • Balemaster "HD" Series Full Penetration Manual-Tie Balers for
    efficient processing of hard-to-bale waste such as sheets,
    signatures, and slabs without the need for shredding.

  • Balemaster 1500 Series Floor Sweep Shredders for efficient
    processing of long trimmings, light skeletal waste, intertwined die
    cuts, signatures and whole magazines.
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